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Little Oswald had absolutely no idea that the specifically laid out request letter he wrote to his mother for her to honor her part of a bargain, was not going to remain in the four corners of his home but would make it to the top trends on Twitter and eventually land him some juicy sponsorships.

To the young man, he was only reminding his mother, who had promised to come through for the 9-year old if he excelled in his end of term examination. He sealed his part of the bargain through but was doubtful if his mother, who sometimes forgets to fulfill certain promises she makes to him will do as promised.

To avoid stories which touch, like they say, he scribbled a detailed letter to remind his mother and also to lay out specifically and with no ambiguity,exactly what he wanted. And it is this aspect of the letter together with his penmanship game that touched many Ghanaians and corporate outfits to hop on the trend get he together with his classmates and teacher, sorted.

Suffice to say, this is pleasantly more than what he bargained for. It should be the best ‘Our Day’ celebration for our young friend.