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Christianity is not only a Place to become Better, but also a Place to Serve – Rev. Clifford De-Graft Ade

The head pastor and founder of a bible based teaching and preaching ministry, Engrafted Word Chapel International (The Word House) has shared his thoughts on the true purpose of Christianity. According to him, Christianity is not only a place to become better, but also a place to serve.

Preaching on a message titled “Tattoos I didn’t Pay For” and quoting his main scriptures from Galatians 6:17 and referencing his teachings on the life of Paul.

Rev. CD Ade said that Christianity is not just about becoming better, it’s about serving. He said that many Christians today are only interested in the blessings from God, and that they go to church for personal gain, such as marriage or financial prosperity and what have you.

Rev. Clifford De-Graft Ade
Rev. Clifford De-Graft Ade

However, he said that the true purpose of Christianity is to serve God and others.
He argues that serving God should be the primary focus of every Christian, rather than seeking personal gain or fulfillment.

By serving others and dedicating their lives to God’s work, Christians can truly fulfill their purpose and live a meaningful life. He said that many Christians have lost sight of the true meaning of Christianity.

Rev. Ade’s message is a powerful reminder of the true meaning of Christianity. It challenges Christians to look beyond their own needs and desires and to focus on serving others and glorifying God. By doing so, they can truly live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Rev. Ade’s comments are also a reminder that Christianity is not just about getting, it’s about giving. It’s about serving God and others, and it’s about making a difference in the world.

Rev. Ade urged Christians to remember that when we serve God, we are not only doing something good for Him, but we are also doing something good for ourselves. When we serve others, we are showing love and compassion, and we are making the world a better place.

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